Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective is a non profit organization focused on fostering self-reflective practices within disempowered populations, in effort to build a restored and engaged community. 


We believe in the power of synergy and that healing happens through meaningful connection. We hold space in which our members feel a sense of ownership and belonging. Inner Sense values and invites diversity of thought, perspective, and experience. We are stronger collectively than we are as individuals.


We embrace a yogic lifestyle, meeting people where they are on their journey by offering a wide range of yoga programming to accommodate the needs of our diverse community. Whether you are drawn to yoga from a physical, mental or spiritual perspective, we create a safe and welcoming space for you to learn and grow.


The process of healing is as personal and unique as each of us. We empower people to take control of their individual path to wellness by bringing together ancient wisdom and modern application, marrying eastern and western methods in a holistic space. We provide a variety of approaches to the many ways people heal.


We serve as a muse for creative exploration. We offer music, art, dance, and writing workshops and events to encourage self-expression and growth. Whether the goal is to inspire or to be inspired, Inner Sense supports artists and the community by providing space to create, collaborate and share work.



Our vision is to create a horizontal system of support which understands the shared responsibility of community in creating a more embodied and peaceful society.

our values


We believe in the power of synergy. We serve as an intersection for communities and individuals to connect with self and others.



We believe diversity enriches our lives. We are open and accepting of people of all sexual orientation, gender expression, age, race, nationality, socioeconomic status, religion, and physical and mental abilities.



We believe in the prioritization of ethical practices and systems that hold our organization accountable as a mindful business model.



We believe in moderation. We work to stay playful yet focused, passionate yet calm, and we value a harmonious lifestyle.



We believe that a positive attitude fosters an open mind, a healthy body and a happy heart.




3536 W Belmont Ave.

Chicago, IL 60618

Our Doors Open 10/13!



"Inner Sense is doing the work to address two of the biggest issues in contemporary wellness businesses: the downfall that comes with mixing business and guru-ness, and affordability of wellness services. By collectivizing, increasing practitioner diversity, and offering a multi-tiered pricing model, Inner Sense is breaking ground and working towards a better future for wellness practices.​"

"This is the organization I have been waiting for. As a mental health therapist, yoga teacher, and trauma specialist I trust that Inner Sense will be a space that welcomes my clients to safely engage in their healing with teachers and practitioners who are trauma-informed and sensitive to the unique needs of people struggling with mental health issues or addictions. Thank you Inner Sense!"

"This place rocks. It's warm, welcoming, and has a unique variety of classes. You could spend all day here and never take the same type of class twice. Not to mention they have some of the most beloved yoga teachers in the Chicago Yoga community! ISHA has left the door wide open for growth and innovation, so I can't wait to see how they add to their already stacked programming."

"I had an incredible experience at Inner Sense. The ambiance, other attendees, and the warmth and knowledge of the instructor made for an incredible uplifting and growth oriented experience. Highly recommended."


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Your funds will be put to good use by helping us keep our high quality and diverse programming affordable.

Set up a reoccurring monthly donation to Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective by selecting "make this a monthly donation" on our paypal.

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3536 W Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60618 | Logo image created by Natalie Shugailo, logo text detailed by Mike Matrejek