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Tea meditations for stress reduction (private and small group)

Suzette is the founder of Being Tea, working as a professional tea educator, trainer and taster for over 15 years. Her connection to yoga and movement therapy, including studying Alexander Technique, began in 2008, when severe repetitive stress injury left her unable to function in the way that she knew. In her years-long recovery, she began seeing deeper connection and relevance in sensory/somatic education to her work in tea. In the years since, she has realized her clear passion is shepherding these personal sensory connections, utilizing tea as her vehicle. A key original program she has been developing for this endeavor is Tea Mindfulness Therapy.


In addition to her work under Being Tea, Suzette is the Deputy Executive Director for the American Specialty Tea Alliance. She is also the 2018 World Tea Award recipient for Best Educator. Suzette's background is multi-disciplinary: She is a trained broadcast journalist, a tea ceremony student, an avid fermented foods enthusiast (completing a residency study program with renowned fermentation advocate, Sandor Katz), and is very passionate about tea therapy for mental health. Currently, she is also enrolled in a 200-hour certification for a first of its kind psychologically-sensitive yoga teacher training program at Room to Breathe in Chicago.


Private and small group sessions on meditation with tea for stress reduction: By reducing stress response, tea helps to create a calm, centered point in daily life or chaotic periods.


Sessions include:

  • Tea general education, including varieties and preparation, as well as specifically how tea works to reduce stress

  • Creating an easy to follow, highly adaptable and personal tea practice

  • Choosing teas for practice based on both the calendar season and the seasonal needs of the individual

  • Ideal for individuals or office groups a part of wellbeing package for employees


Note: Suzette's work specifically involves traditional teas from the tea plant (green, white, oolong, black, etc), as they have a long documented history of specific usage in meditation. She does not work with medicinal or herbal teas, nor does she prescribe blends for specific health conditions.

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