Stephanie Kang



Stephanie is committed to the work of healing and transformation. As a sensitive soul navigating her own journey towards wholeness, she is passionate about creating safe spaces that allow womxn to show up exactly as they are and connect from the heart. She believes in the strength of vulnerability, the power of softness, and the necessity of nourishing friendships. Through retreats and other healing experiences, she offers new ways for womxn to relate to each other, access their inner wisdom, and co-create a safer and more inclusive world for all. Stephanie finds delight in (vegan-ish) dessert, reading too many books at the same time, and falling in love with the Moon.


Coffee or Tea?



Favorite book or podcast?

So many books always... but Women Who Run With the Wolves is forever on my bedside table.


Favorite self care strategy?

Slowing down. Breathing. Journaling. Taking a bath. Being in nature.


Astrology sign(s)

Aries Sun, Cancer Rising, Gemini Moon


Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts?

I love what's possible when loving people gather in community, and the variety of offerings! And I also love the good energy and sense of calm within the physical space. Grateful to be a part of ISHA <3

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