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Ariel James

Executive Director 

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Kelsey Rose Tortorice

Executive Director 

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Katie Schwartz

Community Operations Manager

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Ariel is a writer, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and tarot reader; as well as Co-founder and Co-Director of Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective. She first found yoga in response to struggling with chronic migraines, anxiety, and depression and was immediately attracted to the lifelong study nature of yoga anatomy and philosophy. Ariel believes that ultimately nobody can know you and what you need better than yourself, and that her job is only to help guide you to your own autonomous truth, knowing, and self-tending. She aims to support those who she works with on their own healing journey by creating spaces of deep relaxation where people can get in touch with their deepest selves and allow the mind, body, and spirit a chance to integrate and restore while feeling divinely supported in their efforts. 


As a queer person of color, they understand the critical need of brave, inclusively-minded spaces and that healing happens in community when stories are told in safe spaces. They believe change happens from the inside out and that the changes we create within ourselves ripple out and transform the world around us. Through self-study, mindfulness practices, stillness, and compassion we can unlearn false societal programming and relearn the truth of ourselves and the world around us. 

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Kelsey is a co-founder and co-director at Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective. She is also a lifelong student and impassioned teacher of astrology, reiki, yoga, and music. 


Kelsey's background of singing in choirs and teaching music has instilled in them a deep appreciation for community and the healing that is inevitable when creating with others. Many years ago, music led Kelsey to a yoga and meditation practice, which led to a discovery of other subtle healing arts forms like astrology, reiki, the akashic records, and working with the tarot. Kelsey recognizes and has a deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual's journey and process to self study and healing. Whether they're working with music, reiki, astrology, yoga, or simply through conversation, Kelsey aims to support those she works with by taking on the roles of ally and translator, ultimately supporting the self-sustained empowerment of each individual.


Aside from working in a teaching or counseling setting, Kelsey feels called to use these systems of healing and spirituality to help usher in a new way of being in our bodies, in community, and in the world. The work that Kelsey does with Inner Sense is truly at the intersection of all of her passions and skills, and she is honored to be in a position of service to the growing Inner Sense community.

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Katie is a health-based chef & educator, and a community organizer & volunteer. She is deeply passionate about creating a healthy community through mutual aid, shared resources, individual contribution, and a belief in personal responsibility to the collective. 


Katie studied Environmental Science in undergrad, which instilled an understanding that all beings are intrinsically connected. Her professional choices have since been shaped by this deep-seated understanding. Most notably, she helped create & sustain a citywide youth program, and then moved onto working for a small nonprofit organization working with CPS students & families. Empowerment, community development, and stewardship, all have been the focus of her work. With a long history of working with nonprofit organizations, she brings a wealth of experience, energy, and passion to her current role as Community Operations Manager with Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective. 


On a self-healing journey herself, Katie has personally experienced incredible transformation and empowerment through self-healing practices such as yoga, reiki, plant-medicine, tarot, and astrology. Especially while feeling supported by a larger community. Because of her own process of healing and self-study she is passionate about providing others with accessible & affordable means to their own self-healing journey.

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