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Shanna Linn



Many years ago I understood that the path to my mind was through my body. Yoga—in its many iterations—has been a profound and compassionate tool to help me become grounded, centered, and closer to inner peace. I fell in love with yoga in 1992 when it provided safe passage during my graduate studies. I’ve joyfully studied it since then, and have been teaching since 2000. I’ve been able to study with world-class teachers, and know that we can study yoga forever and still never know all it has to offer; it’s an endless and beautiful pursuit. I am especially interested in the physiology of asana and pranayama, and the neuroscience of meditation. I am honored to be part of ISHA, and to have the opportunity to share my love of the practice with students and peers. 


Coffee or tea?


Funniest teaching moment?

No funny moments per se, but some poignant moments, and always a joy to be there. I had a student who quit smoking after learning to breathe deeply in an into class I was teaching. That made my day/month/year/career!

What is your favorite book or podcast?

My Stroke of Insight by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Favorite self care strategy?

15-minute sit each morning that I can (and remember!)

Astrology sign(s)


Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective?

The integrity and vision with which it's been brought to life, and the amazing people that are part of this collective, as well as the gifts they are sharing.

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