1 year of membership

1 year of membership

$1080+ Value


Give the gift of community care, self-exploration, rest, and more!


This paid in advance membership covers 12 months of unlimited access to our plethora of regularly programmed virtual classes. This includes all weekly, biweekly, and monthly offerings.


Recipients of this gift will also have access to all of our unlimited membership perks throughout the six months, including: discounts on special workshops and events, monthly guest passes, etc. 


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  • Additional Info

    When you purchase this item, you'll receive a digital download of a gift voucher to send to your recipient that includes instructions for redeeming their membership.


    Recipients of the gifted membership should redeem their gift by 1/31/2021. Any memberships redeemed after this date will be honored but with the start date of 1/31/2021. 

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