Black Lives Matter.

There are many ways to take action, both internally and externally. Here are some resources for learning,

engaging, redistributing wealth, and protesting. 


Remember that our programming is free for anyone who needs it to be.


Stay safe, stay diligent, stay engaged.

Online Classes

How to Register & Pay for Online Classes:

Option 1 (preferred when possible):

Click ‘“sign up” below to register for classes using a single class purchase (at our tiered pricing rates of $12 / $17 / $22), a class package, or a monthly membership ($25+).


Option 2 (donation based):

When a class payment is not possible or when you wish to make a donation in any

amount below our tiered prices, please simply send a donation via PayPal directly to or by visiting  

See which online classroom each class takes place in on the schedule below

(click "View Details") and join using these buttons:

NOTE - It is now newly required that you are logged into a Zoom account in order to join our online classroom. You may get a message that you need to be logged into an "internal" or "authenticated" account to join, but you can join from any Zoom account.

Our Class schedule


All of our classes are unique to the teacher who created and wrote the description. To help you find the right fit for you we've placed 'tags' next to classes. Here is a key code of our class tags.

(B) beginner friendly

(p) prenatal friendly

(G) gentle

(E) Energetic

(M) moderate

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