Kelsey Rose

they/them or she/her

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Kelsey is a life long student and impassioned teacher of astrology, reiki, yoga, and music. They are also a co-founder and Executive Director of Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective. 

Kelsey's background in singing in choirs and teaching music has instilled in them a deep appreciation for community and the healing that is inevitable when creating with others. Music led Kelsey to a yoga and meditation practice, which led to a discovery of other subtle healing arts forms like astrology and reiki. Kelsey is a licensed Music Educator and a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Holy Fire II system of healing. They completed their 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training + Mentorship Program with James Tennant and Jim Bennitt at Tejas Yoga. Kelsey's astrology studies span 5+ years and many courses, conferences, and teachers. Most notably, Kelsey has completed the first year program at the Portland School of Astrology and currently studies under Acyuta Bhava Das. 


Kelsey recognizes and has a deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual's journey and process to self study and healing. Whether they're working with music, reiki, astrology, yoga, or simply through conversation, Kelsey aims to support those she works with by taking on the roles of ally and translator, ultimately supporting the self-sustained empowerment of each individual.


What is your favorite podcast?

The Astrology Podcast, Holes to Heaven, Bridging Realities, Rune Soup.

Favorite self care strategy?

Giving myself all of the permission in the world to do whatever I need in any given moment. (I'm working on this.)

Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective?

Because the people need to come together and the people want to come together and the people need a place to come together and I love bringing people together.