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Julie Brannen, emerging as SheWolfMama, is set out to unleash the wild within. Dancing through life, her experiences are abundant in creativity, community, learning and growth, healing and transformation. Some of her identity markers include artist, healer, teacher, mover; she follows the path of heart and soul. Julie facilitates an organic and compassionate practice of fiercely approaching vulnerability and embodying whole-hearted living. Won’t you abunDANCE with her? 


What is your favorite podcast?

Be Here Now (Ram Dass)

Favorite self care strategy?

Immersing myself in nature, water or land

Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective?

Because it is quite an incredible thing to be a part of a passionate, compassionate collective for change. It feels so important right now, to take matters into our own hands, to provide inclusive + diverse opportunities for others, to be the light on this challenging but beautiful path. Aho!


Authentic Movement & Reiki

Sunday*, 6:00 - 7:30pm 

*(class meets bi-weekly - check the class calendar for exact dates)

>>> beginner friendly (B), Prenatal-Friendly (P)

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound form of self-directed, improvisational movement. This practice, rooted in forms of dance/movement therapy, taps into free association of the body and mind. Movers focus inward to follow inner impulses in the presence of an embodied, compassionate witness. The core of the movement experience is the sensation of moving and being moved. The class is structured with a check-in, movement practice, and reflection. Students will be offered a relaxation posture to receive Reiki energy balancing to close.

abunDANCE | Movement for Prosperity

Tuesday, 6:15 - 7:00pm

>>> beginner friendly (B), Prenatal-Friendly (P)

An abundant life is rich in balance, beauty, and the flow of energy. Through the embodiment of various dance and movement forms, this class invites abundance in as a natural way of being. When we start to believe that good fortune does not have to be deserved, earned, or paid for, we open up to our inherent infinite potential, rooted in self-acceptance and the mantra: I am enough. Classes are a guided journey and dynamic laboratory between self and others with phases of warm-up, exploration, and immersion. Students will connect to a felt sense of authenticity to cultivate prosperity from the dance inside. No prior experience with dance or structured movement necessary, only open minds and willingness to embrace your inner-child that loves to dance! Please dress in loose comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

Affiliate Profile

Dance/Movement Therapy, Counseling, Life Coaching, Dance Instruction

Julie Brannen practices as a dance/movement therapist, healing artist, and clinician as part of InTouch & Motion private practice and Institute for Therapy through the Arts non-profit agency. As a teaching artist and conscious movement facilitator, she works with various community-based and arts-integration organizations, such as Inner Sense Healing Arts, Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, Dancing with Class, and Ecstatic Dance Chicago. She is the Founder + Artistic Director of SheWolf, a new paradigm global purpose movement to venerate the embodied feminine soul. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, with a Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, and Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis from Columbia College Chicago.


Her intention is to bring beings back into their bodies with a felt sense of h(OM)e by re-claiming safety, owning their truth, expanding their awareness, stepping into their power, and creating with passion and purpose. In the process, she taps into different aspects of the psyche, stored in the body, which have been silenced, shrunken, or scared. Her goal is to create a safe, inclusive, nonjudgmental space in order to express, liberate, and uplift. Please reach out to her if you have any questions or want to learn more.

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