Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective is run

by a community of volunteers

We are always looking for more helping hands to manage the space,

substitute teachers for our wide range of classes, and people with various special skill sets to contribute to our growing needs.

Click on the links below for information

about open positions and to apply! 

Reception Work Trade

Virtual Reception Work Trade

Marketing Work Trade


We are not looking for additional teachers at this time. If you have an interest in joining our teaching staff, we encourage you to become actively involved in the community as we typically hire internally. If you'd like to propose a one-time workshop, you can fill out the workshop proposal form on our COLLABORATE page. 

Substitute Teacher

We are always interested in adding teachers to our sub list who are qualified to teach any classes on our schedule, including yoga, meditation, tarot, reiki, dance, choir, etc.


If you are interested in being on the sub list, please contact

and include in your message which classes you are qualified to teach. Note that the best way to become involved as a sub is to take the classes you’d be interested in subbing and get to know the community through attendance in our virtual programming.