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Jen Frazier


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Hi, my name is Jen! I have been on my yoga journey for about 12 years, and my yoga practice has helped me grow stronger and more flexible on and off the mat.

Influenced by my teachers and peers, I aim to bring a sincere love for yoga to every class I teach. Through intention, meditation, asana and pranayama, I safely guide students through creative sequences to find joy, clarity, self discovery and wellness. I share mindfulness practices that implement a sense of connection and wonder to the natural world. I encourage others with compassion to expand inner awareness, and trust their intuition. I received a 200 hr yoga certification in 2016, and continue to expand my knowledge with additional trainings every year in both yoga and the study of Ayurveda.


Coffee or tea?


What is your favorite book or podcast?

My favorite book is LIfe of Pi.

Favorite self care strategy?

Yoga and meditation, for sure! I also love to spend time in nature.

Astrology sign(s)

Aries (sun) Sagittarius (moon and rising)

Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective?

I'm so excited to be welcomed into ISHA because as a yoga teacher, community truly means the world to me. ISHA collectively is an amazing group of individuals who believe in and value empowerment, transformation, healing, diversity, and connection. I am honored to fulfill my students with the love I have for the practice of yoga. I'm beyond grateful to have the opportunity to learn from and grow as a yoga teacher as well as human from the ISHA community, mentors and friends. Namaste!

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