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Isabelle Rizo is a consulting hypnotist and facilitator of alchemical arts since 2008 when she began collecting interesting people's stories and journeys in her zine. Since then she has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and North America collecting wisdom and using grounding practices for herself and her clients in manifesting the story of their own lives. She is also a practicing herbalist at Merz Apothecary in Lincoln Square, and practicing hypnotist at Art of Balance therapy practice in Lakeview. She is a trauma survivor, immigrant refugee from communist Romania, committed healer, and internationally exhibited artist. 


Coffee or Tea?



Favorite book or podcast?

The Art of Non-Conformity


Funny teaching moment?

I was teaching to a group of Chinese students and we were talking about intonations of numbers. We were counting to ten in Mandarin Chinese where I messed up the intonation of ten and said poop instead. Needless to say the students burst into laughter and I did as well once they schooled me.


Favorite self care strategy?

Cup of tea, gratitudes, pulling a tarot card, and sparking a conversation with the Divine on paper.


Astrology sign(s)

Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, and Leo Ascendent


Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts?

It is a community and collective that is focused on constantly growing and evolving in body, mind, and spirit.

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