Giving Tuesday
Dec 1, 2020

community matters


Inner Sense is aiming to raise $5,000 through our first Giving Tuesday campaign.

Thanks to the incredible support & generosity from our community - we hit our goal midday on 12/1! We have raised our end of year fundraising goal to $8000.

These funds will help us move into 2021 with confidence that our accessible online healing arts programming can be sustained and expanded, and that we’ll be able to continue to serve our communities during this difficult time. 


If 100 people donate $50 - we’ll hit our goal! However, a donation in any amount will be very much appreciated. Inner Sense is registered as a 501c3 with the IRS and all donations are tax deductible.

You can make a one-time donation or choose to send a monthly recurring donation in any amount here. Please include “Giving Tuesday” in the message section.

why community matters

Read Community Stories

A year and a half ago, I attended my first class at ISHA. Since then, I’ve found myself immensely grateful to be a small part of its community. I’ve felt accepted, made close friends, and volunteered to help however I can. No matter where you are in your healing journey, I can’t recommend ISHA’s classes, ethos, and people highly enough.

- Nick

I first found ISHA on Instagram shortly after I survived a brain aneurysm stroke in 2018 and was desperate for an understanding community. I needed a safe space to explore my spirituality and awakening gifts. I’ve never so instantly & warmly been welcomed into a community ever. I’ve grown so much over the last couple of years and owe a majority of that to the programs, people, opportunities and general spirit of Inner Sense Healing Arts. Grateful, honored, and forever an admiring student/teacher.

- Rebekah

Inner Sense gives me space to quiet my mind. I'll never forget my first sound healing, because I went home and picked up a paintbrush for the first time in several years, and have been making art ever since. I can honestly say that becoming a member of Inner Sense Healing Arts was the best gift I've ever given myself. 

- Nikki

"Community is always important, and I think this year, in particular, we've realized just how much it matters.  It can be really easy - especially now - for many of us to fall into isolation, and having people, be it a group of 30 or a group of 3, with whom we are able to regularly interact can make such a difference- sometimes, literally between life and death. 


ISHA provides such a neat intersection of people with varied and overlapping interests; there are multiple pathways to, and levels of, connection and engagement here. 


Personally, I found ISHA at a time when I was feeling incredibly alone and isolated; Inner Sense gave me some hope that there were other folks- right in my own neighborhood!- who had similar values and ideals.  Becoming a facilitator is an honor and gives me the opportunity to contribute to the community in a way that I find really meaningful. It also keeps me accountable, which, as a person with a history of addiction and other self-harm, is vital to my continued wellbeing.


I am incredibly grateful to be part of the Inner Sense Community and am excited to watch as we grow and develop to be able to include and serve such a vast array of humans."

- Erica 

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