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Are classes currently in person or online?

All of our classes are currently taking place online in our virtual studio. In the midst of the uncertainty brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic and in light of our commitment to maintaining the health and safety of every member of our community, we have decided for the time being to let go of our physical space at 3536 W. Belmont. We look forward to the time when gathering in physical space is safe and to reopening a space at that time. Until then, we look forward to seeing you online. Have questions about how to join our online space? See below.

How do I join virtual classes with Inner Sense?

To join our online classes, pre-register on our "regular classes" page. Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation with your link to join as well as a reminder email 30 minutes before class with the same link (if you register more than an hour ahead of class.) Note - the link that you receive is unique to you, and will be the same for every class and workshop registration. You can use this same link to access any class or workshop that you are registered for, so feel free to bookmark it!

Do I need to pre-register for class through MBO?

Yes! Starting 3/1/2021, pre-registration is required in order to access online classes.

I want to register for a class but it’s not showing up on the schedule.

Classes disappear from the schedule at the start time. Unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to adjust as it is not flexible with our software. We invite you to always register ahead of time for any classes you are thinking of attending. You can also set up a "recurring registration" for classes you attend regularly, so you're automatically registered every week. If you end up not coming to a class you registered for, there is no penalty. If you paid for that class, you will be able to apply that credit to another class within 30 days. If you are registered for a class, you can still enter the classroom after class has begun, you just cannot register after the start time.

Can I join an online class late?

Yes! As long as you are registered for a class, your link to join will work for the duration of the class. Additionally, our new registration system bypasses the waiting room, so you'll be able to enter the Zoom room without waiting for a teacher to let you in.

If my partner / roommate / family member / friend is going to take an online class with me, do they need to register also?

We ask that each person who participates in our virtual programming pre-registers and pays. The revenue we receive from class attendances is crucial to our organization’s sustainability, and the number of people registered for class also directly affects the facilitator’s compensation. If you are planning to take class using the same screen, please have both participants pre-registered and let the teacher know which person is registered but didn’t click a link to join - this will alert them to manually confirm that person’s attendance so it doesn’t get missed. (Clicking the link is usually what confirms that a person is present for class.) Pets take classes for free!

How do I Pre-Register for Classes On Mindbody Online?

There are three ways to pre-register for classes on Mindbody: Through Mindbody’s online portal, through the widget on our website, and through Mindbody’s customer App. All three processes are outlined below. You are welcome to choose the method that is easiest and most convenient for you. Online: Click "login" in our top right menu to sign into your MBO account or create an account with us (Note: Click “Need New Password” in bottom-left hand corner of sign-in screen if you do not have/know your password) Select Classes in the far-right of the menu row at the top of the page Select “Sign Up Now’ for the class you’d like to attend Make a single or recurring reservation Select the pricing option that works for you. To learn more about our tiered pricing structure, see below. Select ‘Check Out’ Input Payment Information Select “Check Out”

MBO App: Download the Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa Customer App Search for ‘Inner Sense Healing Arts’ in the top search bar Scroll down till you find “Inner Sense Healing Arts” (Note: It's a ways down) Select the Heart next to “Inner Sense Healing Arts” to add us to your favorites list. This will make it easier to book with us through the app moving forward. Select “View Schedule’ or ‘Schedule’ Select “Book’ to the right of the class you’d like to register for Select the pricing option that works for you. To learn more about our tiered pricing structure, see below. Add a card to your account for easy booking Select “Store this card” for easy booking Proceed to Checkout Through our Website: Visit the ‘Regular Classes’ tab on our website here Click the green ‘Sign Up’ button to the right of the class you’d like to register for Confirm you have selected the intended class and Select Next (Note: You may need to scroll down a bit to see the Class box and select Next) Enter in your MBO login username and password or Select Create Profile if you do not have an MBO account with us Select the pricing option that works for you and Select Next. To learn more about our tiered pricing structure, see below. Input CC information or select CC saved to your account Select Check-Out


How do I know which tiered pricing option I should select?

We understand that you might feel unclear on how to know which tier is the best fit for you. Our lowest rate is intended for those who have been systemically and historically disadvantaged. Here’s a little help from our friends over at (paste this link into your browser:) Still have questions? Email us at

I’d like to take a class with Inner Sense Healing Arts but the tiered pricing options are not financially accessible for me. Can I still attend?

We are committed to making all of our offerings accessible to those in need. Please know that no one is turned away for lack of funds. If our suggested tiered pricing options are not accessible for you, please take the following steps to register at a “pay what you can” rate lower than our $12 reduced tier: Note that we process these requests on Fridays for the following week (Monday-Sunday). If you email after Friday of the previous week, we will not be able to honor your request. Step one: If you don’t already have one, create a Mindbody account with Inner Sense Step two: Upload your payment info to your account Step three: Email with the following information: (1) The class you’d like to register for (date, time, title) and (2) the reduced price that you are requesting to pay

What programming is covered under a membership?

All of our regularly occurring classes are covered under all membership options. This includes weekly, biweekly, and monthly programming. The only programming not covered with a membership is workshops, courses, and series. Members do receive a 10% discount on all workshops and series, and some but not all course offerings.

Which membership is for me?

If you attend 4+ classes a month, the unlimited membership is for you. See the tiered pricing section of this page for insight into which tier of the unlimited membership to choose. If you attend 0-4 classes per month, take advantage of our limited membership options: $25/month for 2 class credits each billing cycle $50/month for 4 class credits each billing cycle

What happens if I pre-register for a class and do not take it?

For members - nothing! We will remove your name from the sign in list after class. For everyone else - nothing! We will remove your name from the sign in list after class and your drop in* or class package will be available for you to use for the next class. *Drop-ins expire one month after purchase, so be sure to come again before a month is up!

Do class packages expire?

Class packages expire 1 year after purchase.

How do I upload billing information to my account?

Steps to update your billing information: Step one: Click "login" in the top right corner of our menu and log into your Mindbody account associated with this email address or create an account. Step two: You will see a sub-menu (below the tabs) that has five options, the first of which is Profile. Click on Profile. The middle column is Billing Information. Click on the Edit button to update your credit card and address information. Note: If you do not currently have an address listed, the software will require a billing zip code. Please reach out to with any questions. If you have any trouble with this process, we can also update your billing information over the phone.


I’d like to make a tax deductible donation to Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective. Where can I do this?

We always accept donations through our website ( and through PayPal directly (sent to All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive an emailed receipt of donation within 2 weeks of donation.