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Initially approaching Yoga as a physical practice, Erica quickly experienced the benefits of reconnecting her body, mind and spirit. Feeling called to facilitate space for others to tap into their own healing and growth potential, she spent 6 months living and studying in India, and returned to the US with a determination to provide safe, healthy & accessible Yoga to every body. Her classes frequently mix functional movement, breathwork and playful challenges to offer students an approachable, well rounded practice.

Forever a student, Erica is currently working towards IAYT certification as a Yoga Therapist with emphasis on working with women in addiction and trauma recovery. She is also passionate about social justice and reform, and volunteers through Prison Yoga Chicago to humbly serve the incarcerated women of Cook County Division 5.

On a less directly yoga-related note, Erica loves riding her bicycle, playing in the dirt (aka farming/gardening/houseplant-ing), all things related to food, and spending as much time as possible in nature.


Coffee or tea?


What is your favorite book or podcast?

Ah jeez- there are SO MANY... A few I recommend checking out: Yoga Is Dead, Speaking of Racism, Earhustle, This is Yoga Therapy, Teaching Hard History, Elements of Ayurveda... White Fragility (particularly if you are white), When They Call You A Terrorist... anything in the Bihar/Satyananda Saraswati Publishing series or by Sri Aurobindo.

Favorite self care strategy?

Riding my bicycle in the sun, eating nourishing food, getting enough sleep, being around inspiring/loving people

Astrology sign(s)

Leo Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Gemini Moon

Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective?

I love the idea of ISHA, and that it’s Yoga AND. The opportunities available to exchange knowledge, time and energy with others- I think it’s such a great intersection of people with whom to form community!

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