Elena Sakopoulos


Each month, the moon moves over a million tons of water through the tides, with a push so strong it alters the shape of the Earth. There is no question that the celestial bodies play a significant role on our planet, so why would our human bodies be any different?


Each of us was born when the planets were aligned in a certain configuration in the sky, which imparts a specific life path and personality characteristics. "Natal astrology" allows us to unlock our hidden gifts and talents, and develop new direction, passion, and self-understanding. Astrology is an incredible tool for self-empowerment -- through reading your birth chart, you can identify areas of potential and work to create a "game plan" for their self-development. 


More so than just telling people what astrological attributes they have, Elena is passionate about helping others understand what a powerful tool astrology is, so that they can use it in their own everyday lives in order to make sense of themselves and the world around them. Completely self-taught with over five years of experience, Elena is well-equipped and eager to provide pointed, thoughtful readings that leave clients with practical insights.

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