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Alia Walston is an intuitive channel of Christ Consciousness working primarily through the lenses of tarot, astrology, and reiki. As a caretaker of Love consciousness on this planet, the intention of their work is to support the liberation of the collective from fear, insidious social conditioning, and victimhood by holding space and facilitating reflection as we face our traumas and transmute pain into empowerment.

Alia brings empathy and wisdom to their work with Inner Sense. They see Divine Love in even the most difficult circumstances. Alia’s goals in their work with Inner Sense are to support the amazing programs, classes, and staff that we have in this community, to help make ISHA feel like home for many, and to reimagine what wellness, care, and community can mean during times of revolution.

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Alice, a native to New Zealand, has lived in the US for the last 7 years. She has spent a decade advancing green technologies, such as bio fuels, composite recycling and greenhouse gas clean up.  Her career has seen her travel the world to help construct a sustainable future. She now works in impact investing, where she supports entrepreneurs realize their potential . She resides in Colorado with Adam, her partner in life and adventure. Alice is passionate about supporting community development initiatives and currently serves as the finance director of Discover Breathe.  She is honored to be a part of Innersense and looks forward to being a part of the community's growth.

Alice is excited to contribute to Inner Sense by debunking myths about business tools and demonstrating how they are accessible to everyone for use in community growth and equity. 

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Prior to completing her 200hr YTT and joining the management team at a Chicago based yoga studio in 2013, Careid's background was solely in the visual arts. She attended SAIC (where the majority of her work shared the themes of death and dying), and after graduation she ran a local art gallery and frame shop. She is currently a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, Death Cafe co-facilitator, and co-founder of Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective, and while She often jokes that she's a lapsed artist, she sees each of these practices as highly creative and artistic works in and of themselves.


Careid is super excited to work with the expanded board to launch ISHA into its next (and best) incarnation yet! She says, “the pandemic made it a necessity to have a virtual presence and we are now developing that into a permanent and sustainable part of our offerings. We had seen ISHA as more of a global community in our conception, and this is making that idea real.”

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A master graduate from the University of Chicago, Janita has worked with many communities around mental health and social justice. She is passionate about equity and loves having "the tough" conversations, she even hosts an online TV show, "Doing The Math" where the topics range from God to racism and everything in between. Janita believes in the value of conversations and listening intentionally to others.


Janita brings the power of connectivity to her work with Inner Sense, and is particularly invested in growing and transforming our “Crucial Conversations” programming. Janita says, “This is my area of expertise so I am extremely excited to help out with such critical conversations. Intentional dialogue can lead to important decisions being made, healing, growth, understanding, acceptance and so much. I am a firm believer that we have to prepare people to work through the conversations we rather not have if we are truly invested in moving forward (no matter what moving forward may look like).”

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Megan Ross, PhD engages as a psychologist, entrepreneur and professor. Dr Ross’s work focuses on the impact of embodied organizational development and how this directly translates to services delivered. Her work intersects organizational, somatic, trauma and peace psychology in individuals, organizations and nations. She has assisted local, national and international organizations and leaders in organizational development, language alignment, strategic planning, conflict mediation, values led business leadership, quality assurance of care and educational support. Dr Ross is a graduate Professor in International and Clinical Psychology. She further serves her community through direct psychological care.

Dr. Ross is excited to be a part of the movement (that uses movement) at Inner Sense.

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Nikki is a storyteller and communicator with a background in writing and design. Professionally, she has worked in communications, event planning, and resource development for two of Chicago’s historic community-based settlement houses that develop tailored programs to meet the community’s most pressing needs. 

Always a campaigner, Nikki hopes to bring her enthusiasm, resourcefulness, nonprofit administration experience to help make connections, identify patterns, and see opportunities for online and offline growth for Innersense Healing Arts.


Nikki is a lifelong learner and creator. She supports nonprofits and a list of causes through the joy of dance with her pals in Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade; and also paints, writes, and makes things.

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Rachel is a licensed counselor, yoga teacher, space curator and dream manifester. She is one of the co-founders of Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective, an executive director of the Breathe Festival and the founder of her psychotherapy private practice, Somawise Chicago. Rachel combines her understanding of the human psyche with her faith in somatic wisdom to create spaces and opportunities for individual and community healing.


Rachel brings presence and observation to her work with Inner Sense. She observes how people move, breathe and engage with the space and offerings. With that information, she is able to help curate experiences that offer a place for people to connect more deeply with themselves and others. Rachel says, “My passion in the project has always been fueled by helping healing arts facilitators hold space for the depth of the human experience- how to really see and hold space for joy, pain, healing and integration. I look forward to continuing to train and support our community on trauma awareness and mental health.”

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