Diana Rose Harper

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Facilitator Profile

Diana Rose Harper is a tarot reader, reiki master teacher, bodyworker, zinemaker, and educator based in Chicago. Her practice centers on the concept of integrity: making life more sound, more whole, and more true through multifaceted modalities. As such, her approach to tarot is much less about fortune telling and much more about fortune making; her approach to bodywork is less about relief and more about restructuring towards greater ease and efficiency; her approach to reiki is less about fixing and more about facilitating deep healing. By asking better and deeper questions, she helps her clients see their own magic and agency in creating a more satisfying life.


What is your favorite podcast?

Bliss & Grit

Favorite self care strategy?

Salt Baths!

Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective?

Community and collectivity is how we build true wellness. And accessible wellness has to be a participant in building a more equitable, more humane, deeply necessary future.


Exploring Tarot

Wednesday, 8:00 - 9:00pm

>>> beginner friendly (B)

EXPLORING TAROT is a weekly class where we'll investigate different aspects of the tarot, including history, theory, mythology, symbology, intuitive development, personal practice, and reading for others. Each meeting will have a balance of teaching, discussion, and hands-on time. This class is appropriate for anyone beyond the most beginner of beginner levels when it comes to tarot; absolute beginners should keep their eyes peeled for TAROT 101 workshop dates. Participants are encouraged to bring their own deck(s) and a notebook.


Monthly Theme




October is known as the time of year when the veil between this world and the otherworld thins; as the daylight fades and shadows lengthen, we're given a perfect opportunity for exploring our own internal shadow-places.


On October 17th, we'll look at the archetypes of Death, the Tower, and the Hermit as Major Arcana cards that frequently indicate transformation and inner work.


On the 24th, we'll dig into specific spreads for cultivating greater familiarity with our shadow selves.


On the 31st, we'll explore the bridge between the World and the Fool; investigate the hope that comes with Judgment and the Star; and tap into the continuity of existence highlighted by the life/death & above/below archetypes.

Affiliate Profile

Reiki, Massage, Tarot

Diana Rose Harper is a massage therapist, reiki master teacher, and tarot reader based in Chicago, IL. Through gentle persistence and loving focus on deep healing, Diana aims to support clients with a multifaceted and compassionate approach.


By collaborating with clients to address both surface-level symptoms and deeper aspects of discomfort, stress, and malaise, she empowers those she works with to pursue greater satisfaction within their lives. Her deep belief in the radically liberating impacts of care practices fuels her desire to offer her services with a particular focus on easing the impacts of oppression.


Diana's approach to massage is directly influenced by her clinical training at the Soma Institute here in Chicago. As a student of Yvonne E. Nieves, RMT, her reiki practice is dedicated to healing communities and lineages as well as individuals. And with over 20 years of tarot study under her belt, her intuitive readings guide clients through challenges large and small on the path towards fulfillment.

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