Stephanie Kang



I am an artist, photographer, yoga teacher, and wanderer from the vibrant island of Puerto Rico. My yoga practice began in 2002 at the age of 14, it was the only thing that would wind me down. After 11 years of practicing on and off and finally completing my BFA in Photography from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, I decided it was time to delve back into yoga and find some balance again at Samadhi Yoga and Ayurveda Institute in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I pursued my RYT300 hrs in 2014.

Yoga has been and continues to be a lifelong learning journey, a source of grounding and connection, a helpful coping mechanism, and my most valuable lesson, to just breathe. My classes combine fun and flowing sequences with a focused intention for balance.


Coffee or Tea?



Favorite book or podcast?

So many books always... but Women Who Run With the Wolves is forever on my bedside table.


Favorite self care strategy?

Slowing down. Breathing. Journaling. Taking a bath. Being in nature.


Astrology sign(s)

Aries Sun, Cancer Rising, Gemini Moon


Why are you excited about Inner Sense Healing Arts?

I love what's possible when loving people gather in community, and the variety of offerings! And I also love the good energy and sense of calm within the physical space. Grateful to be a part of ISHA <3

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